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Akko Port History and Innovation

Welcome to the Port of Akko

Akko Port is one of oldest ports in Israel, it served for many years as a main junction in the connection between Europe and the Holy Land and was therefore considered the most important port in Eastern Mediterranean.

These days, the Port is undergoing a renewal boom while maintaining its unique character and continues to be a Fishing Center with a rich history, in addition to a multifaceted and fascinating travel and recreation site


Smells, sounds and sights of the markets


50000 years of rich history

Cruise Tourism

Passenger boats, Tornado, Cruise Line

Culinary Experience

A selection of restaurants with a diversified culinary range

City Walls Promenade

A magical atmosphere on the Sea Walls


A Fishing Port where fishermen sell the catch of the day


Among the prominent symbols of Old Akko since 1912

Historical Background

Akko’s first port was presumably located along the lower section of the Na’aman River. The port was first mentioned in Cambyse’s journey to conquer Egypt in 527-525 BC, when Akko boasted hundreds of ships carrying soldiers, horses and supplies. The fact that Akko served as base for a fleet of this size indicates that the southern breakwater was already built

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